Your not to do list

Probably your to do list is super long and it looks like it is a never-ending story. The first thing we start doing with a new project is creating a to do list, we buy a new house, we go on holiday……always we create to do list. All not in our head or written down.

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or an employee you probably have a to do list yourself also. Today I want you to turn the tables and instead of creating a to do list I want you to create a NOT to do list.

Sounds weird right? Well I want you to create a not to do list so you can really evaluate on yourself what you should be doing less. For example, during the day you are way too many times on Social Media or getting angry at that annoying boss /client of yours, well this is something to put on your not to do list.

What happens many times, or what is always there in your daily routine, what you do but do not want to do, such as coming too late to the office, commuting to the office with a co-worker you do not like. Or even go for a donut every morning at the deli around the corner…

Think about what you should not be doing, procrastinating on a specific task maybe?

Let me give you some things that should be on your list for sure:

  1. Do not check your email throughout the whole day, set specific email time (see my other blog about this)
  2. Do not make overtime, prioritize!
  3. Do not have your mobile phone after 9.30PM
  4. Do not get frustrated
  5. Do not…..fill in with your bad habits
  6. Do not check email first thing in the morning or late at night
  7. Do not multitask
  8. Do not try to be perfect

See how to fill it up?

Go do it yourself and stick to your NOT to do list!

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