What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is not only posting updates about your company, but the most important thing is also engaging with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility. Without engagement, you do not build a strong social media platform. Social media management is managing your online interactions and content across social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook. LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest are nowadays more popular as ever.

You need to consider what the best platforms are for your company and where your audience is at. Below is the infographic, you have general information about the social media (Source: Lyfe Marketing)

When you know where your audience is you know that’s the place you need to be to reach your potential clients. Work with good social media tools that can help you plan your posts, that can track possibilities and opportunities and be creative! If you are going to start with Social Media make a plan, a strategy and have a person dedicated to this job. If you want followers to be engaged with your platform, you need to be engaged also, respond to their questions, comments and be active. Enter groups on various platforms and start talking about your company when people for example have a question, give them free tips and interesting information. This is a big possibility that it leads to more and its sure good for your brand exposure. 

As mentioned before Social Media Management is now more popular as ever, your potential clients are there, so you need to be there. Its also cost effective so is a good way of marketing even for Start-Ups when you do not have that much budget yet to spend on marketing. 

You need to be active and post regularly in order to get people to find you. You can also use ads in order to attract more people that are interested in your product. Its important to be dedicated to it and have a good planning in regular posting, because like this you are also more interesting for the platform and that gives you a better ranking.

It is important that you will start thinking in how to go on with Social Media Management are you going to do it yourself because you are just starting and basically do not have money to hire an agency? Or you do have a budget?

Social Media Management takes a lot of your time. You need to have great content, good interactions and when you grow bigger and bigger on your platforms you will notice it will take a whole working week to be updated with everything. When you have the budget I would advice to hire an agency to manage it all for you or to train someone in your team who will be dedicated to social media management. If you are just starting up, train yourself. Own social media and plan a lot of valuable posts so you know you will be posting regular. Social Media Management is just all of this above and even more!