Time keeps on rolling, you cannot stop it.


I do not have time.

Sorry but I am busy.

I wish I had more time!

Time is something that keeps on rolling, no matter what we do. It does not stop. We probably all have said: I WISH I COULD STOP TIME! To have a little bit more time today, because we think we need it.

Remember I always write about you are in control over your life? Well also about your time, you can buy yourself more time! Let me tell you a secret you are wasting a whole lot of it!

Let me tell you the silly ways you are wasting your time on.

Social Media – Most people spend an average of one hour everyday on Facebook and Instagram.

Internet – 64% of people indicate that they spend time surfing non-work related websites every day.

Emails – can take up to an 20% of your time and 47% say attending meetings took up a lot of their time.

TV – On average we spend around three hours per day watching television.

Bad routine – Instead of being a victim to your lack of routine, stick to a schedule.

NO – It’s easy to say “yes.” We all want to be helpful. As much as you want to, you cannot always afford to take on someone else’s task.

Start to with focussing on these to take more control over your time! Do not let it just keep on rolling, you decide how it rolls!

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