Social Media Management Master Plan

Brand strategy plan

Learn to know what you would like to achieve with your brand online, how should your presence be? 

What platforms is your niche on?

Make sure to know exactly what platforms your niche uses, before you start making profiles. 

Social Media Goals

Learn how to set correct goals towards an efficient and strong social media brand.

What are the trends to follow?

Learn how to be always on top and plan what you are going to do, before really going online! 


Be the king or queen on Social Media with your brand and plan everything out with this master plan before spending money on marketing! 

Your results after this course:

  • You know what you want to do and how to do so on Social Media
  • Have prepared yourself for a Social Media crisis
  • Know where your niche is on Social Media
  • You know exactly on which platform you need to be and how to adapt
  • Have a social media management plan ready
  • What is Social Media Management?
  • Algorithm
  • Setting social media goals
  • Which platforms are there?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Platform-fit-test
  • Adopting to the platform
  • Social Media Management framework
  • Social Brand Strategy
  • Design social content
  • Planning
  • Social media tools
  • Measuring Social Media results
  • Building an internal Social culture
  • Trends & possibilities
  • Crisismanagement
  • Extra

Everything discussed in the 5 course videos written out in a short version. 

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What is included:

  • Online customer support in 3 languages (ENG,NL & ESP)
  • 5 Videos
  • Membership of 12 months
  • Work sheets
  • Option to buy one hour 1-1 coaching for 99$
  • Step by step framework course
  • Follow the steps and videos in the correct order
  • Videos have multiple steps included, finish the video step for step
  • Steps explained short but detailed, you need to put it in practice!