Get a morning routine!

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Help! What morning routine do I need?

Advise from all the successful entrepreneurs: Have a good morning routine!

This makes sense because actively starting your day wakes up your brain and that helps you be more active the rest of the day. We understand this, and we see the logic in it. But why do we not all do it? Maybe you have kids, and you do not know how you can fit a morning routine in your life or whatever ´excuse´ you are using now for not having it.

Get those excuses away, because everyone is able to fit it in their morning you just need to figure out how.

Ok great…so how do I decide a good morning routine? We tend to copy what other people do. If it works for them, it will work for me. Wake up at, so you have more time the rest of the day to work. They go to the gym for 30 or 60 minutes. So, I will do that…. you tried it, and it is just not working out and you stop. That is because you are just trying what others are doing. This is ok because you need to see what works for you, but most importantly is that you need to figure out what works for you, before starting. Get inspiration of what others are doing but create your own morning routine. You always can get inspirited by others but let them not define who you are, create your identity, also for your morning routine.

Let’s figure some things out to see what works for you. When creating your morning routine, you have one crucial question to ask yourself:

–    What works for me?

How much time do you need to have enough sleep? Before what time you are not able to wake up? I know I need 7,5 hours of sleep and that I am not working well if I wake up before 6 AM, even with 7,5hours sleep. So, this made it clear for me to go to bed at 11 PM and wake up at 6.30AM. Maybe you are able to wake up at 6 AM and feel well rested…try it out! Not just one day but a week and see how it goes and how you feel. Is it not working? Well wake up later, you feel awake and good maybe try waking up 30 minutes earlier and see how that goes.

What time does your day activity start?
This means what time do you work, what time do the kids, or your partner wakes up et cetera? Figure out how much time you have between that moment and your wake-up time.

What activity do you like?

I do not like going to the gym, so I knew this is not what I am going to do and let alone in the mornings. I do like Zumba so three mornings a week I followed a Zumba class, but I did notice very soon I do not like to sweat early in the morning. Bye Bye Zumba! What do I like? Yoga! I started to do yoga at 7 AM every morning during the week and even on the weekends and it became a habit!

Get your mind also relaxed. How does that work for you?

I finish my yoga with 5 minutes of meditation. It was difficult in the beginning, and it felt weird, but I do understand why so many successful people meditate, it makes you more relaxed. But does this relax you also? If not well read a book, go for a long walk. Do something in the morning what gives you a good and relaxed energy.

Figure out what works best for you, this is trying different things. Try what time waking up works best for you, try what activity in the morning fits you and how many days you are going to do it. What more would you like to do in the morning? Is it reading books, is it working on an extra project…what do you want?

And there is only one important task:

–    Stay consistent!

After you have decided what you are going to do, you need to stay consistent. It takes effort and works in getting your morning routine as a habit. In the beginning, you will find it difficult; you will find days without motivation. But you need to be strong and do not make up any excuses and your morning routine will become a habit, and when it is a habit you will follow your morning routine with ease and joy!

Do it and notice that this will make you feel better!


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