In this online Mastermind I am sharing a specific framework to make you understand how to reach your full potential and reach the goals you have set for yourself!

Napoleon Hill first introduced the concept of Mastermind Groups more than 70 years ago, realizing that the synergy created by a group of minds working together for a common purpose FAR outweighs the power of one mind working alone. According to Mr. Hill “no two minds ever come together without thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

Why Mastermind Groups Can Help You

You are as an entrepreneur or business owner in the business of solving problems for others. Therefore what we often overlook are our problems. 

In this Exclusive Online Mastermind, we focus on the Mindset, Momentum, Strategies, Potential and much more. Many times if we do not reach our success or any other goal we made for ourselves, we start to blame. Blame the environment, blame the circumstances, or blame others. We need to look closer to ourselves. We decide how we react to our circumstances, and you respond to it how your mind is programmed to respond. The moment you know how the Mindset works, and you understand how you can take control over it, you will notice that there are much more opportunities in your business and life than you saw before.

In these 3-Sessions Mastermind of 6.5 hours:

  • We will go deep into what our Mindset does. How does a Mindset work? What Mindsets are essential and which to avoid?
  • You will understand how to get clarity of where you are and where you want to be. Understand how to fill your gap and what is the WHY of our mind that is holding us back.
  • You will share your experiences (bad and good) of your business/career path with everyone else joining the Mastermind. This makes us gain knowledge and skills from other great minds.
  • You will understand Habits and how to change the bad ones and create good habits
  • You will network and share contact details with everyone in the room
  • You will create a Not-To-Do List
  • You will learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed & create momentum
  • You will stop the blaming-mindset
  • You understand how you can reach your potential and feel fulfilled
  • You take control!

If you are in the right Mastermind, you are learning capabilities to solve things you are working against at this moment in your business/career. 

There are opportunities that you do not know how to capitalize with, how to focus your energy on things that move the needle.

All those things will be learned in a mastermind. It means you do not work in your business but ON your business/career. 

1 Great connections 

During this Mastermind, people from all over the world can join and with international experience and knowledge. You will learn from the best and get a high and robust level global network during your Membership of the Elite Potential Mastermind Madrid. 

2 You want to go to a higher level

You know that there is more to reach and that your life and business has a higher potential, and you want to achieve that in the best way and learn from others the tips & tricks!

3 Masterminds are a ROT – Return on time

If you are in this Mastermind, you are learning capabilities to solve things you are working against now. There are opportunities that you do not know how to capitalize with. How to focus your energy on things that move the needle. All those things will be learned in a mastermind. It means you do not work in your business but ON your business.

4 Learn from a highly certified professional & great other professionals 

Stephanie Steggehuis (A Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Life & Business Coach) has a significant reach on Linkedin and is certified by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins as a Knowledge Broker to create powerful Mastermind Groups She knows how to help people to get to their full potential and use the correct framework. Because of the experiences she has been through as a business owner and person. Besides this, you share and extract knowledge with the other members of the Mastermind who have expertise in different areas. 

5 Get out of your comfort-zone

Share failures, try new habits and set new self-development goals for yourself to change the way you are living at this moment and be held accountable for it, so you push it through. 

6 Make Commitments

Make commitments to yourself and your business. The Mastermind will hold you accountable.


November 5th

In the first Mastermind Session we will be diving into what is it is we really want and honestly have a look to where we are today. 

  • 10 AM | Start Mastermind
  • 10.15 AM | Introduction of everyone attending
  • 10.30 AM | Get your Clarity
  • 11 AM | Why & How to swop from a Fixed To Growth Mindset
  • 11.30 AM | What is your real Why?
  • 12 PM | END

November 19th

In this second Mastermind Session we are going to share our mistakes and learning processes, have a clear look on what we should not be doing and understanding of how our brain works with focussing on something. 

  • 10 AM | Start Mastermind
  • 10.15 AM | Sharing mistakes and errors with eacht others and what we have learned from it
  • 11 AM | Your NOT to do List
  • 11:30 AM | Why focussing on the right thing is so important
  • 12 PM | END

December 3rd

In our third and last Mastermind Session we dive in to create a plan and 100% understanding on how we need to follow a road to fully get to our potential.

  • 10 AM Start Mastermind
  • 10.15 AM | Habits, deleting and creating
  • 10.45 AM | Spotlight Tool Assignment
  • 11:30 AM | Plan your next steps
  • 12.15 PM | Finishing up & End talk
  • 12 PM | END

What do others say?

Intense Online Mastermind

Gain more knowledge and reach to your full potential
  • 6.5-hour Online Mastermind planned in three dates
  • 1 hour Private Coaching Call
  • Group of like minded people
  • Monthly new video + articles with tips and tricks on Mindset and Time Management
  • 6 months Mastermind Access, your private area where you can watch the videos anytime and download the tools we will be working with
  • Online Community with all the Mastermind Members
  • After these Masterminds sessions you are able to keep connecting with each other and we will be offering extra options for Masterminds every 3 months to keep growing together with this group 

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