Get it done Masterclass

Some of the results after this Masterclass

Great vision on what you are wasting your time on and how to work better on your tasks

You got control over your emails and the communication

Have created a routine​

Feel less overwhelmed and stressed out

You got your priorities settled​

Know how to create a daily/weekly planning and you have worked with it​

What you get in the Get It Done Masterclass:

Module 1 – (75minutes)

Lesson 1) Figure out where you are wasting your time on 

Lesson 2) Get organised with cleaning your desk and  a routine 

Lesson 3) Get the stress out of your head. Do a brain dump, organize tasks, create time frames and what to do in 10min or less? 

Module 2 – (111 minutes)

Lesson 1) Create a daily planning, prioritise and say NO

Lesson 2) STOP multitasking, email time organisation and communication.

Lesson 3) procrastination, perfectionists, meetings

Module 3 – (50 minutes)

Lesson 1) Pareto Principle, automating, breaks

Lesson 2) Set goals 

No time to listen to the videos and watch the sheets? No problem, everything is also on Audio MP3 and transcripted for you!

During the course I will give you assignments and you will find all these worksheets available in a special area in your account.

One hour of videos that explain you exactly about implementing a Growth Mindset, how to deal with the Imposter Syndrome and much more! 

Get a video with Life Coaching questions and many other short videos with tips & tricks to control your Time & Mind!

We are here to help you out wherever you might need it. Just send an email to the email address provided in the course!

Why You Need This Masterclass

You are using your email wrongly!

Too many hours are used daily on emailing, while this is unnecessary, and you lose valuable time for other things, more important things. Learn how to email more efficient and when NOT to email.

Learn how to do a Brain dump

If you want to think clearly you need to have an empty head. We do not need more time, but we need more space in our head! That will help you to see what the bigger, smaller, important and less important tasks are to do. Learn how to do a brain dump!

You are not knowing how to make good priorities  & plannings

There is an easy way to figure out what your priorities are. To motivate you more throughout the day you will need to follow a specific way to work on your tasks. Get the framework on good prioritizing and planning!

Your work-place organisation can be much better!

Your desk, and the environment you are in. But also, how you archive your documents or the light in the office on your desk has a lot of impact on your stress & efficiency levels. Understand how you can improve your workplace without changing the whole office!

You need to have a better mindset coaching

Your own Mindset on daily base has a lot of impact on how you feel and how you react to pressure. Learn how to implement a successful mindset and recognize a fixed mindset.

This is a *must attend* if:

  1. You’ve been trying to build a good time management framework for a long time but you keep feeling overwhelmed and having the feeling you do not have enough time.
  2. You Know that having priorities is important and you make them, but every time it looks like you did not calculate the correct ones. Yes! Please get me fully up to speed on “what’s working now.”
  3. You DON’T currently have a great overview of your work and emails. Not yet, but I’d LOVE to get there with your help 🙂
  4. You need more time in your day!
  5. Overwhelm and stress is taking the best out of you!