Get it done Masterclass

Enough with being overwhelmed!

Start to get control over your work! Have you ever said I wish I had more time in a day, so I could finish this all? Well you are not alone!

We are not using our time correctly!

We have 24 hours in a day!!

That is a lot, are you using it properly?

Learn to prioritize

There is so much to do and you just do not know where to start. You know you need to prioritize but you have no idea how to and all tasks just seem too big! 

Create a routine and daily planning

It is all over social media and online blogs ¨create a routine and daily planning to become more successful¨  Learn how to do this and to apply.

Go from a fixed to a growth mindset

You have more talents than you think and you need to stop looking only on the outcome and learn to focus on the effort and get your mindset to one that sees growth. When you do this and know how to get more talents you will see growth.

Get more done in less time

At the end of the day how any times do you think ¨What have I actually done today¨….This is a common feeling people tend to feel when they do a lot during the day but not really finishing what is necessary. Work efficient and create time-management in your day to day to get more things done and feel complete after a day of work! 

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Time Management is not only making a daily planning

Creating a daily planning will indeed increase your ability to work better, but Time Management is much more. Did you know that we need to have specific times to check our email?

Having a positive mindset is not only about thinking positive

With thinking positive it does not directly mean you have a positive mindset, so many other things come around. You can be negative with a positive mindset also..

We are using our emails incorrect

We are writing emails but not using it in the efficient way we should communicate. With some simple guidelines you will get better emails and therefor better responses. 

Making goals is not only to set your business up for success, you need to do this also for yourself

Creating or improving your business is not something that is only done with a new view on the business, you also need to set yourself up for success.

When you think you are busy you are actually wasting your time.

Many hours of the day you are working on tasks that do not have an outcome, they only make you feel busy. This means you are wasting time, so losing time to work on tasks that will not give you any real outcome.

Some of the results after this Masterclass

  • Increased your chances on more income
  • Great vision on what you are wasting your time on and how to work better on your tasks
  • You double your chances on becoming be successful
  • Feel less overwhelmed and stressed out
  • You stopped wasting your time and your started to use it wisely
  • Know how to get that correct mindset and keep it
  • You got your priorities settled
  • Know how to send to correct emails
  • Know how to create a daily planning and you have worked with it
  • Have created a routine
  • Get more things done in less time


I went from four figures a month to six figures a month, all because of Stephanie getting me out my comfort zone and made me see I really needed to change my way of working with a good Time Management and Mindset. Tnx!

Jonathan - Barcelona, Spain
E-commerce creator and VA

The whole framework to get you a good time management and they insights on the mindset, is a lot of value and it works! Happy to have taken the course and recommend to everyone.

Lisa - Maine, USA
Mom Entrepreneur

I took this course in order to understand better how I could train my employees in being a better employee in finishing tasks & Time Management. It was filled with amazing content to learn from and later I bought the course for all my 10 employees. 

Luuk - Rotterdam, Netherlands
HR Director