Is it you or someone else first?

A mother always puts her children before herself, maybe you always your children, job and you are at number three. Or maybe first soccer, job, partner and number four is yourself….. When we put ourself at number 1 every time, we find ourself egocentric, and that would be true. We cannot put ourself first day in and day out, because we also need to think about the people we care about. However, this does not mean you need to put 90% of the time something or someone else first. So many mothers/fathers always put their kids first, because they think that now they cannot think about themselves, the kids need them. I am saying kids and talking about being a parent, but this is for everything. Putting your friends first, putting your parents first, setting your job first.


If you do not care enough about yourself, your surrounding will use you or notice it and thing you are not happy.

A self-care mindset is fundamental on your way of success. You need to put yourself first!

If someone asks you to do something, you say yes, but you do not like it.
If someone invites you to something, you say yes, but it is not your thing.
If you feel crap, but you keep on doing because you do not want people to see it.

If you read this, it feels stupid to do right?? Well, you do it many times!

The best way to take excellent care of yourself is by starting to adapt simple steps in your life:

1. Develop a regular sleep routine.
2. Eat healthy
3. Take lunch breaks and be 100% offline from your work.
4. Go for a walk at lunchtime, read a book, etc..
5. Use your sick leave when your ill and take the rest you need.
6. Get some exercise before/after work regularly.
7. Have a steady morning routine that will become a habit to you
8. If something does not feel right, do not do it.
9. Always stay strong to your own beliefs
10. Never put yourself below someone