How to go further?

Probably you are not getting things done, and you are making up excuses why you did not have them done. Recognize: ¨ I am just lazy, that is why I never do that…¨or ¨I am just not a healthy person¨

You say this because you think that is who you are and there is nothing to change about.  The main reason that you feel like this that you make excuses for not doing a specific thing that includes talent is that you think you do not have control over your ability. But you do!

We are not born with only one thing we are good at. We can do multiple things. We are simply better in some things than in others. So, whenever you expect less from yourself, you will be getting less. This is why it is so important to have a proper mindset to become more successful.

Now you are thinking, what mindset do I need to change this? We always need to focus on a positive mindset, that is something super important. If we are negative all the time and see things difficult, it will be like this. This is not all. It does not solve everything to help your mindset be more positive. I wish it were that simple; what I want to give you as advice today and go in a little more profound is the Growth Mindset.

This means that not only understand that growth comes with time, but also really follow this yourself. Talent, experience, and growth take time, and you get there because of all the effort you put in. The effort you put in determines your success.

To think only about the outcome is not what you need to do and what makes us successful; you need to think about the road to your outcome. What are you all doing to become better, learn more et cetera? You like to be more positive, so you start reading books about it, start implementing maybe a sport in your life et cetera… all these steps get you close to where you like to grow to.

You like to become a good business owner, you start reading books, go to a seminar, follow successful people on social media, and following courses, this means you are working towards your success as a business owner. This all is the effort you put in to become more successful and the growth you wished for. When thinking I am just not good in digital marketing, well to learn about it and you will be. Go work for a couple of weeks or months in a company where they can teach you that skill, follow a course. Put the effort in it, and you will get the outcome.

I live by these words of Mel Robbins:

¨You got to prioritize learning over seeking¨

¨Prioritize growing over perfecting¨

¨Trying over being perfect¨

What do I want you to do?

Focus on the effort and everything you put in it before you blame yourself on a bad result. If you got an outcome that was not as expected, you say to yourself: ¨I did my best, and I have tried so many things, I work a little more¨.

But during the effort you are putting in it, if the outcome is not totally how you want it, you will have learned a lot and probably something you did not know before you do understand now.

Try try try! Gain more knowledge and focus on just taking the time on learning things and help yourself grow! Like this, you will control your mindset.

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