Do I work efficient?

Does the feeling: you work hard but you do not get enough work done, sounds familiar? What is good to remember is that working hard and even too hard, has nothing to do with how many hours you spend working. It has to do with wether or not you are getting maximum results in as little reasonable time possible. We all know the term ¨Work smarter, not harder¨. Working smarter equates to getting good results with the least amount of wasted time and energy, but it does not mean you still won’t have to work hard at something.

Working efficient is actually planning out your workday and sticking to it! 

How can I be more efficient? Here are some tips!
Make a daily plan in what you will be doing today and when, make priorities. What are your high and low priorities? By writing out your day by tasks you can more easily identify problems areas and your peak efficiency times, and plan them how it best suits you. Difficult tasks and taks you do not like, better do them first, this way you feel more motivated for the rest of the day.

Clean up your desk! Get rid of those distractions. Put your mobile on do not disturb beside the people who are able to disturb you, think about your kids school etc.. Make sure your desk does not have a thousand things on it that have nothing to do with your job, the magazine of the train this morning does not need to be there.

Take a real break! Plan your break and use it without work, go for a walk, read a book and don’t go every day to the same deli. 

Say no. Don’t say I can do it, when you know you already have enough on your plate for today. Knowing exactly what you need to do today and planning it, so you know how to reach it, helps you meet deadlines and get more done each day.

Working 12 hours but you still have not done what you should have or working 8 hours and you have done everything and had even time for an extra coffee? Choose what you prefer, JKH can help you get that extra coffee!


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