Life Coaching

As a life coach, I understand the principles of effective & strong goal setting and personal development. I help people to put these principles in practice in their own lives effectively. I help people create a clearer vision for their life and create actions to achieve the vision & future they are aiming for. 

I empower my clients to be the best they can be!

In a regular life coaching session, I use powerful questioning techniques and other reflective and perspective-challenging practices, so my client can create mini action plans for their next steps. Life coaching creates action, helping clients increase self-awareness, clarify their goals, raise their confidence and commitment and identify paths to their goals.

Book your sessions now and grow with me at your side as your Life & Business coach.

Included in the 1-1 sessions

  • Personal coaching
  • Session online (Skype / Zoom)
  • Sessions are one hour
  • Online customer service in 3 languages (ENG,NL & ESP)
  • Unlimited email credits during your session period
  • Assignments and exercises
  • Max. 2 sessions a week


Get away from those lousy business & life habits and figure out what is going wrong and learn how to change your mindset to a more productive one, positive and become who you want to be!

Everyone needs coaching! No one can do it alone! Look at all the top athletes. They have coaches! To become better and double your chance on success, you need someone who is pulling you as far as you can go, and your coach will do that and set higher boundaries for you than you will do.

Business Coaching

Business coaching as the name says has a focus on business-related coaching. During a session we will be reviving the business strategy, improving the organization and their communication, identifying marketing needs, and boosting the overall performance of a business (internal and external). 

I will help you recognize and help you resolve issues around many areas of a business.  

1. You Feel Lost

2. You Doubt Yourself

3. You Have A Vision, But No Clear Plan

4. You Want To Change Your Profession

5. You Need To Improve Your Health

6. You Tend to Forget Things

7. You Don’t Always Follow Through

8. You’re a Procrastinator

9. You Don’t Have a Lot of Time to Waste

10. You Need to Make More Money

11. You are Susceptible to Stress

12. Your Self-Confidence Could Use a Boost

1. You do not see the results you want.

2. You feel overwhelmed by the business & opportunities

3. You have trouble implementing

4. You hope to save time and money

5. You need someone outside your business to talk to

6. You get lost in the online world

7.  You Need Accountability

8. You do not know where to start (Startup advice) 

9. You do not know how to plan your time

10. You feel lost in what the best strategy for your business is. 

My sessions are designed for

  • One session $199
  • Five sessions $799

    Max. 2 sessions per week

  • Ten sessions $1500

    Max. 2 sessions per week

Your results after mutiple sessions:

  • You don't do it alone, you have talked about each insecurity and we have resolved those!
  • You have doubled your chances on becoming be successful
  • You have a great vision on what you want and how to implement that.
  • You have created a different (better) mindset
  • You have your idea clear & know what strategy you need to have.
  • You achieve your goals better and easier
  • Know your strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Have created an action plan, daily planning and a new routine.
  • You know who you are and you are proud of yourself, we worked on the insecurities!
  • During these sessions you will grow professionally and will notice positive changes after each session!