1-1 Online Coaching

What to expect

Achieve your goals & stop feeling overwhelmed!
Implement the Growth Mindset
Get your certainty and significance
Get a good Time-Management
Figure out your purpose
Create your momentum

Stuck in where you are right now?
Knowing you can do more?
Stressing too much at work and life?
Knowing you have so much more to give?
Having an overwhelmed feeling? 
Knowing your negative thoughts hold you back?
Knowing you need to stop making excuses?
……You know it!

But the problem is when you only know what is going wrong in your Life or Business it will not change! It needs understanding and clarity! Create that certainty! 

With Just Know How Coaching I provide coaching for decision makers of companies. As an NLP coach, I understand the principles of effective & strong goal setting and personal development. I help to put these principles in practice in your own live effectively. I help create a clearer vision and create actions to achieve the vision & future YOU are aiming for. 

I empower you to be the best they can be!

In a regular coaching session, I use powerful questioning techniques. Other reflective and perspective-challenging practices, so you can create mini action plans for your next steps. Mindset & Time Management Coaching creates action, helping you increase self-awareness, clarify your goals, raise your confidence and commitment. Find momentum and identify paths to your goals.

The coaching trajectory

Free Clarity Call

A good feeling with your coach is important, so we start with a no-obligation introduction with a virtual cup of coffee and talk about your preferred outcome.


Between each session we will have 1.5/2 weeks to get things in practice and between sessions I will hold you accountable and be the support you might need!

Your Roadmap

To start the coaching process, it is important that you formulate your goal and the path to it as clearly as possible in your roadmap.

Coaching Sessions

During 6 or 12 online coaching sessions we investigate what is stopping you from achieving your goal, and what you need to do to overcome your obstacles, how to control your mind and/or time!

End of the sessions

The end of the coaching process has been reached. Together we look back on the sessions. What insights have you gained? What did you learn? How do we go further now?

Single Session Coaching

Extend your current coaching trajectory with an extra session!

6 sessions Coaching Package

Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life!

12 sessions Coaching Package

Gain new tools and confidence to breakthrough limitations, and skills to inspire and empower others.

Prices are excluding 21% and based on online coaching via Zoom!

Coaching sessions can be done in: English, Dutch and Spanish! 

Included in the 1-1 sessions

  • Personal 1-1 coaching on Zoom
  • Welcome Gift
  • Online 60 minutes 1-1 Sessions and recorded for you to access anytime
  • Online customer service in 3 languages (ENG,NL & ESP)
  • Unlimited email credits during your session period to ask your questions
  • Unlimited Voice messaging via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
  • Assignments and homework


To become better and double your chance on success, you need someone who is pulling you as far as you can go, and your coach will do that and set higher boundaries for you than you will do.