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You get:

Control over feeling overwhelmed

Control over dealing with stress and employees

Control over your email communication

Control over your planning

Control over your mind as a leader

Our proven Time management & Success Mindset training in Madrid will help increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve results. Effective time management skills are the key to getting the most out of our day.

Good time management allows us to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, which leads to more free time. Which lets us take advantage of learning opportunities, lowers our stress, and helps us focus. Which leads to more career success. Each benefit of time management improves another aspect of our life.

Being a Manager, Executive, CEO or any other high-level roles in business, is never easy. You have a lot of pressure and also a whole team to think about.

With the NLP-Technique (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I focus on Mindset and Time. To get a real focus it is important to not only understand Time but also your Brain. Once you know how to control your mind and time, you can have real focus!

We organize workshops in companies in Madrid to help leaders achieve more. We work with a PowerPoint to present on sheets every topic and do many exercises, to put it directly into practice.


¨Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely – Rodin¨


During this 4-hour or 8-hour workshop we will work on the following:

Work-Place Organisation

Your desk, and the environment you are in. But also, how you archive your documents or the light in the office on your desk has a lot of impact on your stress & efficiency levels. Understand how you can improve your workplace without changing the whole office!

Brain dump

If you want to think clearly you need to have an empty head. We do not need more time, but we need more space in our head! That will help you to see what the bigger, smaller, important and less important tasks are to do. Learn how to do a brain dump!

Priorities Setting & Planning

There is an easy way to figure out what your priorities are. To motivate you more throughout the day you will need to follow a specific way to work on your tasks. Get the framework on good prioritizing and planning!

Email Management

Too many hours are used daily on emailing, while this is unnecessary, and you lose valuable time for other things, more important things. Learn how to email more efficient and when NOT to email.

Mindset Coaching

Your own Mindset on daily base has a lot of impact on how you feel and how you react to pressure. Learn how to implement a successful mindset and recognize a fixed mindset.

Why choose us?:

People all over the world have trusted Just Know How Coaching already.

Own experience in high pressure work environments

We explain you how to find your focus by understanding your Mind


¨A great leader knows how to be there for his team and put them first¨



4 hour training – €520 excl.  
8 hour training – €884 excl.

Trainings are for groups between 3 and 20 people. Smaller or bigger group, let us know and you will get a tailor made offer. 

Management, HR & CEO training (on request): After the workshop, there will be one-hour training for only management HR and the CEO. To go deeper into how to motivate, stimulate your employees and yourself for success and how to recognize toxic people, stressed and unmotivated employees!


Location: At your company in Madrid!

Follow-Up: Included in each contract is a follow-up of one hour, with the company a month after (online or offline) to talk about the improvements.

  • Not enough space in your office to do the workshop? In Madrid we can organize an external place for 100€ excl. euros extra. In every other city outside Madrid price will be given on request.
  • We provide workshops up to max. of 12 people and a minimum of 3 people.
  • Workshops can be done only for leaders but also for the employees. Depending on your needs.
  • We are able to provide the workshops and 1-1 Coaching in the following languages: DutchEnglish and Spanish
  • We will be 30 minutes before the start of the workshop at the location to prepare everything.
  • Bottle of water, note blocks and pen´s will be provided by Just Know How Coaching.
  • Looking for a more tailor made 1-1 Coaching or In-Company Workshops? Let us know, we can adjust it to every company wishes!

Any questions or ready to book? Do not hesitate to contact us:

Stephanie her personality type is Executive, one strength in the career path of this type is: ¨Executives are incredibly efficient, their love of structure and thoroughness leaving a record of accurate, complete work that is on time and on budget. They are natural auditors, financial officers and business administrators, and any such and similar roles are excellent choices for them¨.  Now she helps others get the same!

What do others say:

Stephanie really made the unique experience special! It was one of a kind and highly recommended. Stephanie was very professional, kind, and understanding and really helped me carve the next stage of my life in a deeper way. Thank you so much! I wish you good luck with your endeavors

Hajra - New York, USA
Employee United Nation

Stephanie was awesome - this was my first real coaching experience and it exceeded all my expectations. Stephanie was interesting, engaging and insightful and I would recommend her to anyone. She listened at the right times and told me what I needed to hear at the right times. Five star.

Simon - Yeovil, UK
Founder & Director Gather Technology Ltd

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the lovely Stephanie Steggehuis for the free clarity call we have just had. She really helped me to clarify what the next steps are for me to get closer to launching my online business. Stephanie is the master (or mistress) of time management and mindset and effortlessly helps you to look at a problem in a different way so you get out of your own head and get motivated. I would thoroughly recommend working with Stephanie, particularly if you are overworked, overwhelmed with no time for anything!(LinkedIn Review) 

Susanne Erricker
Business Owner - Health Coach

I took Stephanie’s free webinar on Time Management, and it was one of the best 45 minutes invested in my entire life from an educational standpoint. I have listened to it probably 25 times. I gain clarity, inspiration, and direction each time I listen to it on how to be more productive. I look forward to learning more from her. (LinkedIn Review)

Lisa Lee Winland
Realtor Florida

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