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Just Know How Coaching provides high-quality masterminds, private coaching, and courses for professionals to reach their full potential and create excellent time-management.


Meet Stephanie!

Founder Stephanie Steggehuis was born in The Netherlands and studied Marketing & Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. She also has a masters degree in NLP Coaching. Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi also certify her as a Knowledge Broker. For Just Know How Coaching she works from the headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and from Madrid, Spain, whenever she is not traveling to clients around the world.

She is CRAZY about the human brain, Mindsets, and Time Management. Everything that helps people take control of their life!

With over 12+ years experiences in the event and entertainment industry, she figured out quickly that that is what makes her tick! She worked at the biggest festivals in The Netherlands (e.g., Awakenings, Milkshake, Amsterdam Open Air, OWAP, Latin Village and many more). Had her internship in the best concert venue from The Netherlands (Ziggo Dome Amsterdam) for Tuned Hospitality (Part of Mojo Concerts/Live Nation). She had for almost three years her own event company for private events and then decided to turn everything around and move to Spain. 

She had a great career, amazing people around her but Stephanie was negative, unhappy and felt terrible and build up a wall around her.

¨I always had a wrong mindset I was like a queen of negativity and believed I knew everything better. I was not social, and I was SUPER insecure, although it did not seem like it from the outside. I was overwhelmed quickly, always frustrated and not thoroughly enjoying the amazing things that were handed to me and just pushed them away .¨

When I was 28 years, I was sick of it and wanted to take control over my own life and feel happy and confident about myself and be grateful. I started self- educating myself with books, videos, courses, and seminars. A lot of hard work and sacrifice, but it helped! 

I own my past and will make sure I do not wave goodbye to my life again. Do not miss out on great opportunities and fully enjoy life, be happy and live with passion and fulfillment!¨

Yeah, got it!

When she had her mindset and vision clear, she decided she wanted to help people with what she had experienced herself. She put her studies & knowledge together and started an online coaching business. She coaches professionals in the Event and Entertainment Industry but also in the Corporate world. Who would like to become (more) successful in their life or business and less stressed! Find their momentum, clarity, and potential! 

After those 12+ years in the Event & Entertainment sector and 4+ years in the corporate industry. Stephanie noticed that many people are stressed in these sectors or do not find their momentum and potential. She understands the market, the people who work in it and she has been through this whole change herself! She is here to help others get that life they deserve! 

Your time is NOW! Get clarity, create your momentum, and stop wasting time! 

 Her personality type is Executive, one strength in the career path of this type is: ¨Executives are incredibly efficient, their love of structure and thoroughness leaving a record of accurate, complete work that is on time and on budget. They are natural auditors, financial officers and business administrators, and any such and similar roles are excellent choices for them¨. (Source: 16 personalties)