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Vive una vida más satisfactoria, tanto si esto significa conseguir más logros en tu negocio, como descubrir quién eres realmente. 

El programa de coaching individualizado de Just Know How Coaching (Online) y los talleres para empresas, ayudan a acortar el camino entre el lugar donde te encuentras y en el que deseas estar.

¿Listo para tomar el control de tú vida?

You do not need more time, you need more room! – David Allen

Con Just Know How Coaching ayudo a profesionales (Online y en Madrid) a través de la programación neurolingüística, a entender su mente, las razones por las que sienten estrés y los pasos que deben seguir para alcanzar su mayor potencial y focalizarse.

Al descubrir de dónde viene el estrés, organizar adecuadamente el lugar de trabajo, aprender a trabajar de manera eficiente y obtener la mentalidad correcta, los factores que provocan estrés disminuirán enormemente. ¡Juntos buscaremos respuestas y soluciones para comenzar a ponerlo en práctica!

Las cosas podían haber sucedido de cualquier otra manera y, sin embargo, sucedieron así
— Miguel Delibes

¿Qué dicen otros?

Stephanie really made the unique experience special! It was one of a kind and highly recommended. Stephanie was very professional, kind, and understanding and really helped me carve the next stage of my life in a deeper way. Thank you so much! I wish you good luck with your endeavors

Hajra - New York, USA
Employee United Nation

Stephanie was awesome - this was my first real coaching experience and it exceeded all my expectations. Stephanie was interesting, engaging and insightful and I would recommend her to anyone. She listened at the right times and told me what I needed to hear at the right times. Five star.

Simon - Yeovil, UK
Founder & Director Gather Technology Ltd

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the lovely Stephanie Steggehuis for the free clarity call we have just had. She really helped me to clarify what the next steps are for me to get closer to launching my online business. Stephanie is the master (or mistress) of time management and mindset and effortlessly helps you to look at a problem in a different way so you get out of your own head and get motivated. I would thoroughly recommend working with Stephanie, particularly if you are overworked, overwhelmed with no time for anything!(LinkedIn Review) 

Susanne Erricker
Business Owner - Health Coach

I took Stephanie’s free webinar on Time Management, and it was one of the best 45 minutes invested in my entire life from an educational standpoint. I have listened to it probably 25 times. I gain clarity, inspiration, and direction each time I listen to it on how to be more productive. I look forward to learning more from her. (LinkedIn Review)

Lisa Lee Winland
Realtor Florida

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